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The Challenge
The head of training for a world leader in industrial and medical gases asked for assistance designing and implementing a training and development program for new hires. They were facing increasing difficulties attracting job candidates right out of college and felt that a strong on-the-job training program could improve their recruitment of top engineering students.

And Take Names successfully developed a dynamic training plan that would introduce new hires to the various operational areas of the company over an eighteen-month period while balancing their personal situations with the resources and staffing needs of the receiving departments.

Our Strategy
And Take Names organized an extensive company-wide rotation program, coordinated training schedules, housing, travel and prepared training evaluation materials to help track candidate progress and feedback.

We worked with more than twenty different departments and locations to determine the right number of trainees at each location and proper length of time for each rotation. Some locations could accommodate multiple trainees at once, while other departments functioned best with smaller teams or individual placements. Careful thought was given to each department’s internal resources and number of mentor employees available, greatly enhancing the quality of each training session.

Three different training plan types were also developed to accommodate the personal situations of the new employees. The first was a hub-based approach, with the employee returning to their home city in between each rotation. The second option for more flexible trainees included a grand-tour approach across multiple geographic locations. The third choice allowed employees to remain in their home cities with very little travel involved. This allowed for each new hire to tailor his or her training to his or her individual needs and experience working with different departments and plant locations on his or her own terms.

Successful Results
The program continues and has proven to be a valuable recruiting and retention tool. Trainees were placed in areas where they could learn about the company while providing invaluable assistance to multiple departments. And even the seemingly less desirable assignments in remote locations were enjoyed by candidates who found the work challenging and varied.

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